Greetings and thank you for visiting my website!

For over 20 years I’ve been honored to share my brand of Christian and clean comedy nationally/internationally with audiences from all backgrounds. Whether performing before an audience of 20,000 or a more intimate crowd of 100, my performance philosophy has remained the same: No matter the size of the audience…always give 100%!

Though I’ve been blessed to perform for countless churches, colleges, corporations and organizations,  most of my shows are for repeat satisfied customers and referrals from previous shows. I’m so committed to providing quality Christian comedy, that I offer my unique “Laughter Guarantee”:
If my comedy is not Funny…then don’t pay the Money! (LOL)

As you review my website, please remember that my comedy is intended for all audiences: Christian and secular, black and white, young and old, single and married, Republican and Democrat, East Coast and West Coast, etc.... as long as you enjoy Good Clean Comedy!

I would welcome the opportunity to bring my show to your area for an evening of laughter, music and fun. In closing, I leave you with my Rod of God Comedy Mission Statement:
My purpose in comedy is to prove you can be funny without being vulgar…and a Christian without losing your sense of humor!


Comedian Rod Allison (aka: Rod of God Comedy)